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No movie works without music and only with the right soundtrack is a PC-game able to captivate its audience. Boardgames also gain a liveliness with the fitting music.

But which music fits to which game?

For this we searched for somebody making playlists for different boardgames and we found BGG-user Kyur. He puts his time and passion in collecting his favorite tracks for each game and posts them on

We asked him about his favorite game and his favorite playlist:

“For me, Mansions of Madness is a game with the dense atmosphere and can be played for a long time. So I invested a lot of time in the playlist.

My favorite game is Eldritch Horror and funnily the playlist is quite different. I took soundtracks of movies I don’t like so much, which didn’t necessarily associate with the game and with Eldritch Horror it worked well. I give the gamer a choice between a gloomy movie-soundtrack-playlist and a even more gloomy (doomsday) playlist, which is a playlist of dark ambient-music. So the gamer can choose to play a gloomy adventure or doomsday game. Keeping in spirit of H. P. Lovecraft on whose story it is based.”   Kyur

And we also have a favorite:

Max Richters debut album “Memoryhouse” for the game “Scythe”

  • Max Richters music is atmospheric, sometimes smooth and calm, sometimes thrilling – but always exciting
  • So for us, it’s the best soundtrack for “Scythe”

And here we have a few offers to make your game to a real experience:

1. The BGG-user Kyur collected tracks and sounds for different games
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2. At Tabletop Audio you have the perfect soundtrack for a few scenes
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3. With Nerd Sourced you find soundtracks for the grenres Fantasy and Sci-Fi
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4. The ambient-mixer offers a choice of sounds for boardgames and RPG
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5. Syrinscape is a free sound design-app for tabletop games
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6. On Melodice you find fitting playlists for many games
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