May the foam be with you!

With three additional engines, the extra cargo space and the modified armor, the C-ROC Cruiser is an unique Spaceship. So we started thinking, how we can protect the Cruiser as good as possible.

We are proud to present you our following two foam trays:

FullSizeRender 58
Half-Size and Full-Size tray for C-ROC Cruiser

In the Half-Size variant, it’s space for the complete Star Wars: X-Wing – C-ROC Cruiser Expansion.

To ensure that the ship rests neatly in foam, it’s not only a custom-fit compartment, but also equipped with a extra inlay. This protects the projecting elements on the underside. So, the C-ROC is safe from scratches and damages. The supplied M3-A-Interceptor inclusive base had been considered. Additional two cut-outs are for the base and pegs of the C-ROC. Now, you have your compete Expansion in one Half-Size tray and your ship should always be faithful to you!

In the Full-Size variant your C-ROC is in the best company with Hound’s Tooth, JumpMaster 5000 and Slave 1. To make sure nothing happens to your ships, and you like to trust in force than in foam, five fighters will reinforce your troop. The extra inlay for the C-ROC is in the tray too. We also thought about the bases and pegs with separate cut-outs.

May the foam be with you!