Keep it safe and simple – with the magnetic box

magnetic box yellow for up to 40 mm half-size foam. Ideal for all 35 mm half-size trays + 5 mm foam topper!

Easy, inexpensive, safe!

We are working every day to ensure that your miniatures are protected as practical as possible. You are happy with our products? Then we’ve done many things right. But maybe you still haven’t found the right transport solution for your needs. Everyone has his own preferences. If you are nodding in agreement and didn’t found your suitable product, we have something new for you:
The magnetic boxes with hinged lid!

The high quality magnetic boxes made from solid cardboard isn’t only stable, save and sophisticated, but also inexpensive. The core of the box, the colorful carton, can be filled – depending on the size – with up to 75 mm Half-Size foam trays. So, your figures, miniatures, cards, dice, tokens and what else belongs to your equipment find a safe place and are protected from dust, scratches and other damages.

Ideal for all 50 mm half-size trays: The magnetic box green for 55 mm half-size foam – at the picture as Star Wars X-Wing Decimator variant.

The colored box is covered in solid cardboard, so the magnetical box is safe like our messenger, backpacks and transporter. As the hinged lid is a direct part of the cardboard-cover, it looks elegant and attractive.

In order that the box does not look like a shoe box, we designed the core and the cover in different color-elements. That brings color into our grey foam-world. Excuse us, dear foam. We love you, even if you still look dreary. The magnets are located at the external corners of the hinged lid and are invisible hided in the cardboard. You can open and close the box easily, quickly and nearly without a sound.

If you are going on vacation the next time and you not want to miss your board games, the magnetic boxes are easy to store in your baggage because of the practically Half Size dimension and easy to stack because of the flat shape. Are you convinced.

If not, here are all the facts again:

  • practical opening and closing through the hinged lid with magnetic-system
  • space for up to 75 mm Half-Size foam trays
  • stability through cardboard-cover
  • new colorful design in three colors (according to color)
  • simple storage, transport and stack
  • very attractive price
75 mm half-size capacity: The blue magnetic box!

Check it out and order the magnetic boxes in our online shop.

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  1. Are you planning to make available new magnetic boxe sizes? I was thinking on boxes for full-size foam trays (34,5-27-5 cm). Thanx

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