Way of the Panda – Rumble in the Middle Empire

Don’t be fooled by their cuteness: The black-and-white furred heroes of the board game Way of the Panda (CMON) do absolutely not appreciate being messed with! Certainly, the nasty Ninjas who dared to invade Xian-province – Panda lands since the beginning of time – will soon learn that lesson.  

Play smart – rule the land!

Despite their combat experience, the fluffy freedom fighters will need some guidance in the reconquista of their homeland. Which is where you come into play: The Emperor assigns you to lead one of the Panda-Clans – Yellow River, Sand Fox, Night Lily, White Fist – to liberate the province. If you accept the mission, you will first have to clear the roads, meaning you will have to kick some Ninja behinds. Then, as soon as the bad boys are disposed of, reconstruction can commence. In order to restore the old glory, you need to employ the various talents of all members of your clan – warriors, monks, governors. If you do your job well, your prestige will rise and the Emperor will reward you by making you Co-Emperor!

Organizing your fluffy friends

The game includes many, carefully-crafted miniatures. Also, the design of the playing cards, tiles and the other accessories is thoroughly thought-through. Speaking of “thought-through”:  We believe a board game player, like a warrior, should be well-organized and protect what is dear to him. Which is why we recommend to think about how to sort and safely store your fluffy friends. Here’s a hint: Feldherr Foam Tray Set for Way of the Panda!