Heavy Hitters – Giant Killer Robots on the loose

Ever watched the Lord of the Rings flicks? Of course you did. Then you surely remember those intricately designed creatures, armours, weapons and miniatures. Just in case you didn’t know: Weta Workshop – based in Wellington (NZ) – is the company behind the artwork. Now, get this: These creative geniuses teamed up with Cryptozoic Games in order to hit the table-top game market. 

Go in for the kill or collapse skyscrapers

The result of their joint, Kickstarter funded, endeavour is called GKR: Heavy Hitters, and it’s quite a blast, both visually and in terms of gameplay. As the leader of one of four corporate factions, you manoeuvre giant killer robots around the ruins of a city, trying to obliterate other giant killer robots. If that makes you feel sorry for the killer robots: no worries, you can also win by tagging skyscrapers with advertising, ultimately causing them to crumble. Of course, regardless of the strategy you employ, smartness is of the essence if you are to be triumphant.

Be gentle with your killer robots

By the way, did we mention Weta Workshop did the artwork? Then all we need to say about miniature design is: take good care of your beautiful, little Giant Killer Robots. Of course, we at Feldherr have already come up with a safe-keeping solution: If you got hold of the core box, then you’re all set with our Foam Tray Value Set for GKR: Heavy Hitters base game. However, if you secured the complete Kickstarter Pledge, you don’t need to worry, either. The Set we created for the Stretch Goal crazies includes – in addition to the core box foams – another custom cut tray.  Of course, the tray fits exactly into the exclusive black Stretch goal box. In addition to the Stretch goals, the tray will hold a few extra-buys. Check out here, what exactly fits into our Set for the complete GKR: Heavy Hitters Kickstarter Pledge.