Rising Sun: Far Eastern Warfare

Welcome to feudal Japan – where opposing clans strive to take control of the lands using diplomacy, deity worship and, of course, unrelenting, bloody warfare. 

Choose Your Clan

In Kickstarter-funded Rising Sun, Eric M. Lang’s latest coup after his phenomenal success Blood Rage, 3 to 5 players (up to 6 using the expansion) fight for dominion. As you dive into Far Eastern mythology, you get to choose between five different clans – Koi, Turtle, Dragonfly, Bonsai, and Lotus. Every clan has their own set of ten miniatures. The clans not only differ by name but also by kind: each of them brings a unique quality into gameplay, allowing for a most varied gaming experience. 

Mind-Blowing Minis

As you will notice at first glance: The game is stunningly beautiful! Adrian Smith, lead artist at CMON, and Mike McVey, miniature designer, simply outdid themselves this time. The monsters are so rich in detail, you could look at each of them for eons and still discover new aspects in them. The typography is simply marvelous. Not to mention those clan logos, which actually appear to have been drawn by a Shinto monk in some remote temple in ancient Nippon…

Organize, Store, Win

If the game appeals as much to you as it does to us, consider organizing and protecting its components properly. As you might have guessed, we at Feldherr already meditated on suitable sorting- and storing solutions. Depending on the version you proudly call yours – base game or complete Kickstarter pledge – we came up with two principal options. If you have the core box, get the Foam Set for the core box. Simple. For those of you who got hold of the complete Kickstarter pledge including the Daimyo-, Kami Unbound-, Monster Pack- and Dynasty Invasion expansions, there are different options. If you simply want to keep your minis safe and organize transport yourself, then this Foam Set is for you. If you want to keep your darlings a bit safer, then you go with the Storage Box option. The Gold Standard is, of course, the Transporter Solution. Here, a sturdy bag keeps the foams safe and allows you to transport your precious minis to your friends smoothly. Enjoy the game!

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