Feldherr Organizer for Caverna THe Cave Farmers

Caverna – The Cave Farmers

In today’s blog post, we’re going to take a look at Uwe Rosenberg’s game “Caverna – The Cave Farmers” and of course the matching organizer we’ve designed for you.

From cave farmer to king beneath the stone

Just like its intellectual predecessor Agricola, the family board game Caverna is a so-called worker placement simulation. In short, you want to take your fellow players to the top in a game that is easy to learn but increasingly complex. The caverns need to be transformed into homelike places that even the King of Moria would have envied you for. Raise cattle, mine gems and somehow turn everything you can find into cash. All according to the old dwarfish motto: Show me the money!!!.

To be the head of an up-and-coming dwarf family, you need a long beard, vision, a good portion of brains and a lot of organizational talent.

The heavyweight challenger

Especially the overview may easily get lost with Caverna. The packaging looks inconspicuous, but if you take it in your hand and unpack it, the inclined dwarf can stop his heart for a moment. Because with its more than 800 game pieces, Caverna is not exactly one of the lightweights among the games. That’s how many pieces the game needs, because you can play the game with up to 7 players. 

When you lose the overview…

Seven players, little space, the game pieces scattered in the box, chaos is pre-programmed. And you know, first you lose the overview, then the nerves and finally the good school is gone and we open a fight club to solve problems with our fists. But shhh, let’s not speak about it.

Feldherr Organizer saves your nerves

So of course, this mayhem has to be prevented and so we racked our brains on how you can focus on expanding your family and how we can make the organization on the gaming table as simple and structured as possible.

Perfect for the core game

We have designed the organizer in such a way that all game materials from the “Caverna – The Cave Farmers” core game by Lookout Games have a place and can be sorted clearly.

Our idea for the material: “Made of plastic, organizes fantastic”. 

If you take the 24 token holders in your hands, you will see that all parts are made of sturdy plastic, which we print for you in our headquarters.

This makes this organizer much more flexible than comparable solutions made of wood or foam, for example.

If you want to play, just take the token holders out of the game box, put them on the table and et voilá: You are ready to play faster than a dwarf can say “mine”.

What does the Organizer for Caverna consist of?

What we offer you in the next few lines are facts, facts and facts. If you want to flash forward, please follow this link.

A total of 12 “goods lorry trays” made of sturdy plastic ensure that all the wooden and acrylic playing pieces and most of the tokens find a place where you can quickly access them.

In the family token holder with its 8 compartments you can put 35 dwarf disks sorted by color in the long compartment and in the small catchers you can sort the houses.

 2 construction container trays and a toolbox offer enough space for the twin tiles.

The single tiles find enough storage space in the 5 dwarf boxes.

A dwarf without gold is like an axe without a handle: Just a sad sight. To store all the Gold in an orderly fashion, we have a treasure chest token holder, in whose round compartments you can stack the different gold coins.

The card holder for the 29 playing cards, the battle tray with a practical handle and the rest tray for the remaining tokens complete the organizer.

The card holder can also be used for sleeved playing cards, the battle tray offers space for the weapon strength markers, because besides digging for gold, dwarves love fighting. And in the remainder tray you will find the yellow starting player token in addition to the remaining tokens.

And how does all this fit into the box?

Even though the organizer was developed as a gaming solution and not explicitly for transport, everything still fits into the box.

First of all we pack the lorry trays into the empty game packaging.

On top of this we place the game instructions, rules, the 16 game plans, the appendix and the writing pad.

We then place the different token holders as evenly as possible on the game boards.

Finally, put the lid on and off.

And to start just put the lid off and play.

And? Satisfied or not? 

Do you like what you see? Are you completely happy with your new organizer? You have suggestions or feedback for us?

Just write us on our Facebook page or send us a short mail to mail@feldherr.org. We are looking forward to your feedback.