Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 – An Overview over our Storage Solutions

As most of you will know, the Kickstarter campaign for Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 is a rather complicated matter. And we admit it freely: The campaign gave us some headaches when it came to designing the foams for the exquisite game.

Feldherr foams for Kingdom Death: Monster – Miniatures only!

With KD:M 1.5 we decided to only design foams for the monsters. Simply because the rule books and myriads of cards are extremely heavy and foam is just not the right material for heavy-weight content. Also, in our humble opinion, marvelous models like Spidicules, Sunstalker and Lonely Tree are most deserving of custom storage solutions.

Our Product Range for KD:M 1.5

So, what have we got for you in terms of inserts, bags, boxes and cases? 

Simply put: Our product range covers all miniatures – big and small – of Wave 1 and Wave 2. As soon as we have gotten hold of Wave 3 and Wave 4 we’ll start designing the foams for these, too. Promise!

Wave 1 – Core Game and 1.5 Update Pack

For simple storage of the core game and the 1.5 update pack we designed this Set which fits exactly into the game box.

If you want to keep your miniatures as safe as in a treasure box, we recommend our hard case set, which will also hold all Wave 1 miniatures.

For the frequent traveller, we also have a light-weight solution for all Wave 1 minis in store. This one.

If your priority is to keep only the most impressive miniature of Wave 1 – Phoenix – safe, then you get to choose between this two-part insert for the board game box and this full-size, two-part insert which is compatible with our bags, boxes and cases.

Wave 2 – A torrent of expansions

If you pledged Ancient Gold Lantern or higher in the Kickstarter campaign, then the second Wave brought you twelve new expansions. Here’s the list of expansions:

  • Dragon King expansion
  • Flower Knight expansion
  • Gorm expansion
  • Dung Beetle Knight expansion
  • Green Knight Armor expansion
  • Lion God expansion
  • Lion Knight expansion
  • Lonely Tree expansion
  • Manhunter expansion
  • Slenderman expansion
  • Spidicules expansion
  • Sunstalker expansion     

When we created custom storage solutions for the Wave 2, we first and foremost focused on the larger monsters Spidicules, Sunstalker, Dragon King, Lion God, Lonely Tree and Gorm.

Spidicules and Sunstalker find a safe space in this Set:

Gorm, Lion God and Lonely Tree are splendidly accommodated in this Insert:

For the Dragon King we built this Cave:

Just in case you’re wondering whatever happened to Lion Knight, Dung Beetle, Slenderman and Co. , rest assured we didn’t neglect the smaller Wave 2 models. These are best stored in larger Sets, specifically in Sets which will hold all smaller Wave 1 and Wave 2 miniatures in addition to different combinations of large monsters. In the following, we present three options.

Wave 1 and Wave 2 combined

For Spidicules, Sunstalker and all smaller Wave 1 & 2 monsters you go with this Set.

For Dragon King, Lion God, Lonely Tree, Gorm and all smaller Wave 1 & 2 monsters we offer you this Set.

Last but not least, if you are really up to your neck in monsters, we recommend our Value-Set which will hold all small, medium-sized and large Wave 1 & 2 models and several pinups.


To be continued…

Still Questions? Don’t be shy!

If you have any questions, comments or observations regarding Kingdom: Death Monster 1.5 and our foams for the game, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Send us an e-mail to or write us on our Facebook page. Be in touch.