Stuffed Fables: The AdventureBook Game

Mice &Mystics-creator Jerry Hawthorne continues to be innovative. The award winning board game designer is not just a child at heart, but also a parent. Therefore one of his dreams has always been to make a dungeon crawler-style game to play with his kids. So he did it. His newest creation Stuffed Fables is exactly that.

A Dungeon Crawler To Play With Your Kids

The game, released by Plaid Hat Games earlier this year, is about a young girl. And it’s about monsters that lurk under beds at night. And about stuffies.
This really doesn’t sound like a game for middle-aged board game players, who just killed a bunch of beasts in the dungeon. Well, you will be suprised.

Stuffed Fables puts two to four players in the role of stuffed animals who come to life one night. For their owner, a young girl, it’s the first night in a big girls bed. Now she’s no longer protected by her magical crib. The Stuffies are now tasked with protecting her from an evil mastermind and his monster squad. Each Stuffy comes with their own unique talents and abilities. They all represent different aspects of the girl’s personality.

The whole game is played by and on the beautifully designed storybook. Each page of the more than a hundred pages strong book gives a board layout and scenario to play. Every one of its seven chapters has multiple endings. So, it’s like a book to play. You decide how the story goes. Turn by turn you explore the many milestones of a child’s life. Which makes it perfectly suitable for teaching your children some things as well.

Being a game designed for parents to play with their children, there is no blood of course. The animals don’t die. They only get the stuffing beaten out of them. When a character loses all of its stuffing, it becomes indisposed until it finds more stuffing.

The first thing to be noticed about Stuffed Fables is that lovely detailed artwork and the high quality of all of its components. Aside from the book, there are lots of cards, tokens and dices. All lovingly designed and very upscale.
Most of all, there are those beautiful miniatures. Six Stuffy and 17 Minion figures are definitely one of the big attractions of this game. A really cute art style and plenty of details make it impossible not to bond with your character immediately. And you can imagine, they will look much better when they’re painted.

Feldherr Foam Tray Set For Stuffed Fables Board Game Box Now Available

Throwing these lovely miniatures, all together with a mix up of cards and tokens, simply back into the box, doesn’t feel quite right. And it probably won’t do any good to it’s durability either. That’s why we created the suitable foam tray set. It was designed as an insert to fit the original Stuffed Fables game box. The set comes with a foam tray with 31 tailored compartments and one foam topper. Designed for optimal overview, quick access and best protection. Take a look at it in our online shop.

Stuffed Faibles boardgame in box with sorter foam


foam sorter for stuffed faibles in box