Mythic Battles Pantheon

In november 2016 the project Mythic Battles: Pantheon was backed. The project was launched with a goal of 80.000 $, at the end it’s funded with nearly 2.700.000 $. The game is a collaboration between Monolith and Mythic Games which is specially established for this game. The cooperation has paid off. With the boardgame Conan Monolith has shown what they can develop and continue there.



Mythic Battles Pantheon coming soon. I think we will pledge 🙂 #mythicbattles #boardgames #kickstarter #tabletop #pantheon (hier: SPIEL Messe Essen (Internationale Spielwarenmesse))

The figures are like the Conan miniatures (PVC). But the weapons made from hard plastic to avoid bent parts.

Update: New Pictures


Update 15.11.2017: Wave 1 is here 🙂


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  1. Oh l’horrible faute de français dans la seule phrase en français. O_O

    Well… when will it be release? 😀


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