Foam tray for Warhammer Quest Silver Tower boadgame box

Need a perfect protection for your Silver Tower minis?

We created a ustom foam tray. The tray contains 52 compartements for perfect transport.

Because some figures are very large, the insert protrudes minimally over the edge.

That fits the tray:

– 6 x heroes + 1x Gryph Hound
– 1 x Gaunt Summoner
– 1 x Ogroid Thaumaturge
– 2 x Skaven Deathrunners
– 8 x Familiars
– 6 x Tzaangors (Beastmen)
– 8 x Kairic Acolytes
– 2 x Pink Horrors
– 4 x Blue Horrors
– 4 x pairs of Brimstone Horrors
– 8 x Grot Scuttlings
– Dice and Token



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