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For all who wants to store the Deathwatch Overkill modells in the original GW board game box. Perfekt protection for your miniatures.

As always fits the insert perfectly in the original board game box.

All minitures fits the tray!

  • 1 x Genestealer Primus
  • 1 x Genestealer Magus
  • 2 x Familiars
  • 2 x Purestrain Genestealers
  • 4 x Aberrants
  • 28 x Genestealer Hybrids
  • 1 x Genestealer Patriarch
  • 11 x SSpace Marines, one of them on bike and one Terminator
  • teleport homer
  • servo skull

Picture shows board board tiles beneath protective foam! Deathwatch Overkill - tray from above Deathwatch Overkill - board game box tray

Deathwatch Overkill - buy here


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